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Yes, the series goes on I have Book 3 in process- hopefully it will be out in August. Ideas for Books are gathering. Mike, Jack and their friends have more books to discuss and mysteries to solve. Thank you so much, Guy V. Write a comment See 1 answer from Guy Veryzer…. Combine Editions. Guy Veryzer Average rating: 3. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Guy Veryzer Goodreads Author ,.

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Marvel Comics see also sections 9 and Captain America screws up — The political views of Incredible Hulk characters — X-Men creative teams — Who created what? Marvel suppressing negative reviews? The Spider-clone saga — The Leefeld Universe rumors — Revisionist history in Captain America — The death of Gwen Stacy Spider-Man — Anti-Semitic slur in Wolverine — The X-Men: a metaphor for homosexuality — The Punisher — Marvel Marketing Captain Marvel — Joe Quesada replaces Bob Harras as Marvel editor-in-chief — Banning retailer reorders and the Slashback program — Slashback program, parts 2 and 3 retailer opinions — BID retailer poll — , Bringing back Rawhide Kid as an openly gay character — , Marvel downsizes the Epic imprint, Epic title Phantom Jack in limbo — What if Spider-Man were introduced today?

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Green Arrow gets a personality — Crisis on Infinite Earths and Zero Hour — Superman as the incarnation of Nazism? What if there had been computer boards in the Silver Age? Lois Lane — How Green Arrow got his name — Aquaman after Peter left — Peter sucking up to Image?!?

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Heroes and villians. Three- vs. Whom do you trust — Homicidal heroes — The Young Hero meets the Old Hero — Heroes in comics vs. Why do we need villains — The rules that govern super-heroes — What is the greatest super-hero film?

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What makes a hero a super-hero Who Wants to be a Super-Hero? Can female heroes lead? Comics professionals alpha by last name. Buscema, John — Colan, Gene — DeCarlo, Dan — , , Arrest me for smoking? Keown, Dale — Kirby, Jack — , , , McFarlane, Todd see also section 4. Miller, Frank criticising Wizard magazine — Moore, Alan Watchmen and his attitudes about film adaptations — Preist, Christopher a. Quesada, Joe challenge to McFarlane — Romita Sr.

Schwartz, Julius Julie. Trimpe, Herb — Valentino, Jim — Wein, Len — The Big Two vs. The industry going downhill — Annual. Ron Perelman and Marvel Entertainment — Comics distribution — , Boycotting Marvel — More Marvel woes — Even more on Marvel and distribution — Annual. Even more Marvel woes — Marvel overpaid freelancers — Cancelling comics series too early — Marvel cheapness — Marvel moving away from comics — Marvel vs.

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Class-action lawsuit against Marvel about its trade terms — Retailers trading comics over the internet — Returnable comics — Should comics have listed cover prices? Self magazine article rebuttal — , Self magazine poll on investigating comics — Seduction of the Innocent book analysis — Banning comics Verotika 4, Spawn 30 — Banned books — Thoughts on the First Amendment — Elfquest under fire — , Comics Code conflicts — Censorship battles — First Amendment rights and science fiction text of speech at Philcon — Heritage of censorship vs.

Wolverine: Rahne of Terra — Writing novelizations — Sachs and Violens statue, comics, and cards — Sachs and Violens : pornography?

  • Kiss: Behind the Mask: The Official Authorized Biography.
  • Homelessness in America: Perspectives, Characterizations, and Considerations for Occupational Therapy.
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The Incredible Hulk disagreeing with Bob Ingersoll — Continuity problems with Aquaman Annual 1 — Space Cases in Weekly Variety — Spider-Man 44 — Peters works with comics legends — The Phantom miniseries — , The Incredible Hulk cancelled? Space Cases — Leaving The Incredible Hulk — Space Ghost movie scripts — The Wedding of Popeye and Olive — Young Justice and Supergirl nominated for awards — Writing for the Punisher and Lobo — DC Versus Marvel — Sir Apropos of Nothing review — Voting for the next leader of Young Justice — Writing Wolverine: Blood Hungry — Captain Marvel vol.

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