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This means that some editors may have filled this spot on their list and might not be actively seeking more dystopian. Does that mean that dystopian is done? In my opinion, absolutely not. Do I think I could sell a strong dystopian project in this market? Fans of the genre are still hungry for more and that means there will still be plenty of editors willing to take a risk for the right project.

Find some science fiction literary agents. How about this week? Make sure you put those essential story details up front. Knowing how to market yourself is becoming increasingly important for fiction and nonfiction writers alike, so it never hurts to have a jumpstart on your online presence, even before you start looking for an agent. GLA: Will you be at any upcoming writers conferences where writers can meet and pitch you? You can follow me on Twitter ShiraSHoffman for updates on conferences, contest and more.

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SH: Despite my bubbly personality, I am completely caffeine free. Well, almost … If you count chocolate as caffeine, I guess I cheat a little. Chocolate is definitely my secret weakness. SH: The best piece of advice I can give is that writing is all about revision. For example, if an agent passes on your manuscript but tells you they would love to look at a revision, they mean it! They think you have talent and they want to see more from you. However, the flip side of a request like this is that they probably feel there is still a lot of work to be done before they could successfully market your project to editors.

Revisions are hard, and we want to see that you have what it takes to get the job done. As agents, we want to see that you have the experience and maturity to know how to identify the issues in your own writing and that you are ready and willing to address any problems that come up during the editorial process.

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