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Although the clear implication of the study is that altruistic spending will make you happier, Joseph said it would be wrong to use the research to formulate advice. Research like this describes society - it doesn't tell us what society ought to be. Professor Ruut Veenhoven, of Erasmus University in Rotterdam, said the study showed that the economic view of human motivation was incorrect. So why don't people give more money away to make themselves even happier? Topics Medical research. Reuse this content. Most popular. All rights reserved.

Is Giving Better Than Receiving?

Blog Webinars. Search for:. The Nonprofit Marketing Blog. Science of Giving 2: Which makes people happier — giving or receiving?

Giving versus receiving

Answer: because there are emotional benefits: -donating gives a warm glow of pleasure -it makes us feel better about ourselves -it helps us avoid feeling guilty -it preserves our self-image 2. Are we happier when we give one big amount or a lot of smaller amounts? Which do we like better — giving or receiving? What is the link between giving time and money? Share your thoughts! About This Blog.

At school, me and my class, Mr. Bergen's fifth grade class, we are doing a "Secret Santa" gift exchange. I am so excited for all the holiday cheer!

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Happy Holidays! It's important to remember why we give gifts-- it helps others remember how much they mean to us! Your holiday cheer is spreading-- our Wonder Friends are smiling! Have fun with your gift exchange! Thanks, SD!

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We like giving gifts, especially when we want to let the other person know how much they mean to us! It is better to give because sometimes people don't have that much but they might want but don't have. It makes you feel better and them too, sometimes it is good to give if someone gives you something then you should get something for them because it is always good to make a difference in people's life.

What a great point, Tatum! We think it's always kind to appreciate a gift you receive, but it's also nice to give, too. As the saying goes, "It's the thought that counts. Thanks so very much, Wonder Friend Supermonkey! I love Christmas. It is the best time of the year because when you give you get to see all the happy faces. I like to give to others and make them happy I try to give them something they would like including my friend Ally who would like a chocolate fountain. Sincerely horse.

That sounds like a very generous gift, Wonder Friend horse! We think it's very thoughtful, too! We Wonder, just in case you can't find a chocolate fountain, you can make Ally something else chocolatey! Perhaps a special hot cocoa set, with marshmallows and a special mug for drinking the delicious treat! Not at all, Ally!

The path to happiness: it is better to give than receive | Science | The Guardian

It's important to remember the balance between giving and receiving; it's not a good thing when we only take and never give, but it's also important to appreciate the thought someone else has put into giving you a gift! It's fun to be on both sides of the gift, as a giver and as a receiver! Is tomorrow's wonder about how boats float or perhaps maybe something about boats and the Niagara Falls F's class! We hope you'll enjoy our water travel Wonder! We think it's a bundle of fun to have fun while you learn new, cool things!

We're so glad you're here! I love the feeling that they listed about the really good thing you worked on then give it to someone. It's my favorite feeling. Thanks for sharing your very cool comment with us! We are proud of you for being a great giver of gifts! In order to give, you need a receiver. I have learned this as an avid giver and reluctant receiver. Fair is fair. It's important to give AND receive graciously, you're right, Zevoris! We think it's really nice to be a giver of gifts, but be thankful for all the gifts we do receive, too!

Dear Wonderopolis, We like to give gifts to our family members including our pets. They are always so happy to get them. We think tomorrow's wonder will be about boats or the Mississippi River because we learned about cruising down the river in music class when we sung about the Mississippi. Thank you for the wonders, Mrs. Witkowski's 4th graders. We love that you're remembering those furry, or sometimes drooling, family members-- pets!

Thanks for sharing your comment with us today, Wonder Friends in 4th grade! We are happy you're here!

Tomorrow's Wonder is traveling by water! We do love the idea of giving. Right now we are preparing special poems for a guest to come to our Winter Breakfast. We will be honoring a loved one. Walker's class! Thanks for sharing your comment with us! We learned that it feels better to give than to get.

We liked the part about the giving and sharing and how it makes us feel. We liked the present out of grass and the guy was mowing the present! We are glad you enjoyed today's Wonder! Thanks so much, Wonder Friend Ashley! We think today's Wonder is a great reminder about the true meaning of the holidays! Oh no, Payton, we're sorry to hear that! We hope you can try to refresh the page, or maybe use the computer at another time. Sometimes our site does not work well in schools, as they have certain video restrictions.

Perhaps you can try watching the video at home or at a library later today? We think it makes you and other people happy when you give something to others.

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  4. It makes you happy to see their faces! How right you are, Wonder Friends in Mrs. Your comment is a great reminder for us-- it's all about making your family and friends smile, especially during the season! We are smiling because of great Wonder Friends like you! We're glad to make you smile, Aaliyah! Dear Wonderopolis, We like giving, especially things we have made ourselves.

    We have made artwork, crafts, and yummy baked goods for our family and friends.

    Uh Oh, Sappy Stuff Ahead

    We think tomorrow will be going up the Mississippi River. We think that because in music class we learned a song called "Up the Mississippi" that talked about going up the river. Tillman's 4th graders. It sounds like our Wonder Friends in Mrs.