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Only one, though, takes the language beyond traditional Web programming and into mapping, graphing, multimedia, and beyond:PHP Hacks. Skip to content Search for:. Graphics Did you know that PHP can be used to create graphics? Application Design The chapter covers all nuances of app design. Patterns This chapter is a reference of Design Patterns book.

It's incredibly easy to learn, but it does look alien to people who. You won't see any such. Anything beyond comparing a key adding machine and an abacus adds far too much complexity for the examples to be meaningful. In fact a skilled programmer can write in many different languages that all are recognized as whatever the high-level language purpor.

Score: 3. Score: 5 , Funny.

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Also, it covers the legality of the code samples I'll try Score: 1 , Informative. I believe the article author is talking about licensing of code samples. That's always a problem with some books, there's no license for the sample code, so you have to if it can be used in any project or none at all. Having a clear explanation for using the sample code is sometimes nice when you're dropping some code from an example into your code to fix a problem you've been having. Re:I'll take a different stab at it Score: 2. Well, yeah, if you want to be all logical about it and stuff.

Dude, don't harsh my mod. Can't let this go Score: 1 , Offtopic. Re:Can't let this go Score: 2 , Funny. Well stop using it.

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You just used it twice. I for one have stopped using the word "use" and any words that use it. Re:Can't let this go Score: 2. Go back and re-read Steven Levy's " Hackers [amazon. The usage of the term which matches the "hacks" books predates the "breaking and entering" usage.

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In the context of computing, hacker came first though. Score: 3 , Insightful. What defines a "hack" these days. Maybe I'm a bit bitter, and even at the risk of sounding like a troll I'm just gonna say it, isn't writing ANY decent amount of php kind of a hack.

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Personally I'm a django fan, I really respect the rails kids for what they are doing too. Once you start doing web development in a real dynamic language you realize that web development in php in most cases IS a hack. Unlike in other languages the "hacks" in php tend to be a necessity for doing development in the language. I've really tried to write "clean" code in php and it's just not possible for any project of a decent size. Any disagreements? Score: 2. Any snippet that will move O'Reilly's new line of crappy shovelware books. Score: 3 , Interesting. I don't disagree at all, but I must say that PHP is fairly popular and has its place.

I think of PHP as kind of a quick-and-dirty approach to web development. Score: 2 , Interesting. I think you're correct about it being a "quick-and-dirty" approach, but I think usefullness of that breaks down once you realize that you have to maintain and continue to build the majority of web projects you create. Managability is key to being able to do that and I think PHP as a language fundamentally lacks that ability.

One of the django guys quoted a Rails line which was "php is the devil" and went on to say "and it is, because it tricks you. I think that a lot of the people who like PHP Which would explain a lot. I fall in to this category. I don't know Same thing. I should add I avoid that other dirty thing Windows as much as possible. Too dirty for me. Just as quick, though. Score: 4 , Interesting. Trustudio's PHP IDE is ok, but way behind the competition and hardly a finished product their charging licensing for a beta version!

On the other hand I've been using NuSphere's PHPed and Zend's own ZendStudio for quite a while now, they both support remote debugging, the latest version of PHP, version control and code profiling and are both much more advanced and stable compared to Trustudio. PHP is no longer a baby language, and although it really annoys me sometimes hello! It's the age old thing, if you make it easier for good programmers to program, they'll get working code out of the door with much less bugs compared to a stricter language. It's quick and at times dirty, but it's understandable, you can apply [insert buzzword here] with little to no effort and it runs on most of the world's web hosting servers.

Score: 1 , Insightful. I disagree, you probably just couldn't figure out "how to" hack it to make it work for big projects. My view of a hack is an implementation without a design. Typically hacks are done by very intelligent people that can many times succeed without doing any design work at all. The doesn't mean doing a design is for dumb people, or hacking is necessarily bad. There are times when hacks are legit, and times they should be avoided.

I'd get into those topics but they are getting a pinch off topic and would be long winded. Score: 1.

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I really think PHP5 changes a lot of that. I am building a couple of apps right now in php with front controllers and a true MVC arch. With php 5 you can create a command factory or whatever cool stuff you need. Caching is still a sore point, but I think it is a very powerful tool for small to medium size projects. When the projects get huge IMHO if an idea has merit it's only a certain amount of time before it gets big. Besides, I find programming in python with django much more fun. It's funny the way php tends to get touted for enterprise web sites.

I too use Django, I'm dissapointed at the lack of a djangoforge though. Still, overall I enjoy it a lot more than php which I have a work experiance job doing, kind of happy that I managed to get a programming one, a wee bit pissed off its in php. Django is super duper awesome, it would be good if there was a book like "Django Patterns" or something because I was a little bit unhappy using template tags at first but then it just started working for me.

It's not 1. After it goes 1. Install Drupal. OK, I'm good to go! But I do not need to write a CMS from scratch. I can use an existing one. It may not be as clever as writing your own CMS, but it is a lot less work. It suits me. I can put up with PHP in the circumstances i. I have two responses to that.

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From the title I thought maybe it would explain the constant hack attempts on non-existent php apps on my webservers. For example: Re:From the title Well said.